Thursday, January 24, 2008

Try Fantasy

Caught in an academic trap, as well as the paper and grade chase, or worried about getting your first job after graduation ? All the while ogooooooooooooogling the opposite sex.

All this is very similar to those who are now the top corporate suits. You know. The ones with eight digits incomes. Check out Donald Trumps bio sometime. He will come off like your roomate who just got a " C " when expecting an "A " on a mid - term.

Well the reality is that you will never quit these questions, and the feelings associated with them either. This simply states you are intellegent and aware of other interests you will have to compete with.

It is also the leading factor in the recent splurg in student governments turning more and more to the dictums of political correctness and have lost it as a result. In the end they will not end up getting top entry level positions either; this is based on all professional investigation of who has the potential leadership skills by leading corporate personel officials. They have already cooked themselves. So do not even pay attention.
What is at issue is that there new challenges, and newer generations, presently maticulating, which grew out of the 1980s and then, now, the incoming 1990s, who have radically different social and cultural experiences which conflicts to present campus activism traditions. I have labeled these in coming - matriculating generations, The Heroic Generations; thus the present social, cultural, political and deeply spiritual need to go beyond present campus traditions.

The opportunity has always been opened for you to start developing options off campus, and from an organized base and as a result the safer - your dollars that is - and having a better date plan and thus get a better feel of your life.

This was the main factor which brought about the development of the site

What this entails is a more direct focus on your fantasies. From a legal point of view, almost all institutions of higher education, Ithaca College included, are enveloped in social and cultural perceptions about the campus and the activies involved in which there are great anxieties or fear from potential lawsuits; this is the accepted professional point of view of agreement by most insurance providers who insure these institutions. Thus there are limitations from this legal necessity.

What this effort entails is a different channel to funnel both your energies and additional ideas, and do so by empowering them by you accepting responsibility for yourself; this helps in your own personal leadership development, and not within various campus political scenes.

This directly focus on your abilities to be self - responsible, free, and independent.

So somewhere around mid February a new adventure will be open to you.
In the meantime ask yourself the question. How did Facebook got started ?