Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Holidays

I wish all the happiness in the approaching Holidays.
Mr. Roger M. Christian

Friday, December 01, 2006


Just got bored here. Chewing gum, hiting the books, and preparing my emotional grit for my new job. So hear am I, stuck in the out areas of Ithaca, New York with my lap top. Typing!
Well what to do, it was I did a few days ago when I started to browse on my lap top while visiting the downtown library, and then getting browsy heavy eyed at times. I found CultureCat, bookmarked it, and now needed to vent a little - the title, you know, triggered this " Rethoric and Feminism." Here your are as I hit the icon shell.
Oh hum. Fiddle de me. And Monday I start cooking. Again ! Reflections' cause. I can feel the swet coming down my forehead now. Yucky! Yet I am going to have a wonderful Saturday nite. I hope my partner - an IC you know, doesn't ruin it. Shes already released our photo. A lttile bad then. But I keep saying patience. But virture be damn at times too!
And I can't wait to go back to NYU and finish with my make ups. Slopping eggs for strangers, then hamburgers, and at night diner just dosen't fit. Espcially in the lists of cheap joints I have to work to pay for my education.
So I am venting. You may say. Well I keep remember previous jobs in which I had the clean out my once beautiful long nails of mustard and other odd unknowns. Smells at times too!
3 more exams, and a promissed job with a business womyn's dress. Ya! Just 7 more hard ass weeks.
So I unplugged my cable tv wire and plug in my lap top. Time Warner did a half job here. Then downloaded this feminist epistle.
Rethoric and Feminisms. It now fits. Rather snug too!