Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ithaca College's Welcome Sign to Realities

Welcome Students and Scholars of Ithaca College to Ithaca, New York.

The web site you are now examining are for those individual students, staff and faculty who desire an additional focus of campus life- mainly off - campus, in which to pursue a more realistic examination of your own social and cultural developments.

Campus life has a special protect " IVY ' of academic freedom in which even the most abstractural social, cultural and behavioral expressions are viewed as objective realities.

Nonetheless, once you go off campus and try to extend these expressions you will notice their irrelavancies and predelections of being some what absurb. Here, this site is an attempt to allow a transitional focus, which is supportive in terms of social - cultural - and at times - spirtual stage of development, in order for you as an individual successful life experience, and that it should, in the meantime of your education and its future impact of discovering a career, should be likewise pursued with youthful vigor.

Thus, and with deliberate and very mindful considerations, and indeed they all were intrinsically idealogical deep, this will have very little connections to the formal institutions of Ithaca College iteslf. The primre factor, in which everyone should be aware, that in the legal circumstance, though some of the student sponsored events are estranged, the aupicies and agencies of Ithaca College, very much like most repsonsiable institutions of higher education, have several internal and external self - impossed restrictions. Off campus activities are extremely garded within the legal circumstances of these restrictions.


Thus the nature of this site is to allow a larger opportunity window, in as much as when you are in to your Junior year, the social, cultural, and futuritive planning stages will need independent access and self-demonstrations of who you are, which can only be found off campus; though the strings to Ithaca College, nonetheless, are important too

Monday, January 15, 2007

Memories 2001

According to, Kevin wrote a POEM (not a story) for the comic book "Heroes" to benefit the NYPD, NYFD, and Red Cross. The poem will accompany an image drawn by Joe

Quesada and inked by Todd McFarlane. The artwork for the piece, along with a story about it, can be seen HERE.

Here's another article on Kevin's recent Cornell appearance, from the Ithacan at Ithaca College.

With the Daredevil movie becoming a reality, one fan took some Askew folks and placed them into his dream characters: Matt Damon as Daredevil, Ben Affleck as Bullseye, Shannon Elizabeth as Elektra, and Ethan Suplee as Kingpin.

Here's some more scans, these from that recent "Inquest Magazine" article we mentioned, where Jay's action figure comments on characters from the "Magic" cardgame. Click the thumbs for a look.

We're receiving reports that Best Buy is carrying Malcolm Ingram's "Tail Lights Fade" on DVD for just $12.99. Something to hold ya over until his Drawing Flies arrives later this year!

Looks like there's plans to re-print all the Fletch books in 2002, (Amazon has placed "Yet to be released" tags on the books). It's no doubt a tie-in with the release on Fletch Won, similar to what's being done with the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books currently.

A couple guys in the UK went to a costume party dressed as Jay and Bob...Check out a scan of them above.

And finally today, a new wallpaper from a fan that can be used on your Windows desktop. Download it HERE or over at Files Askew. Catch ya later.